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Betrayal, Invasion, and Magic
combine into a gritty world on the verge of war

Based on the Paths of our Pentra System, The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake throws players directly into the escalating conflict between the long-lost Wizard Rossygnul and the crumbling civilizations of The Wyrm Lake region. In the escalating conflict of this rapidly brewing war, life is difficult and death can be swift, providing players with a darkly gritty experience for those who prefer their games more classically brutal.

Pentra in The Dales

The Pentra Paths available to players in The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake range from those rooted in martial training with the Common Paths to powerful Wyrm Magic Paths utilizing the ancient arts of The Dragon Lords to the Elven Psi Paths centered around the relentless pursuit of improvement of the self.

The Dales uses The Fate Deck of Cards to give characters an advantage in key situations that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Players have six Races to choose from, each with their own unique natural affinities and long history within the regions of The Wyrm Lake.
  • Dwarves, stocky and wise with a talent for Wyrm Magic
  • Elves, tall and slender with long lives and a natural capacity for Psi powers
  • Gnomes, short natives of the Island of Lyconshire in the heart of the Great Wyrm Lake with a talent for seafaring
  • Humans, natives of the lowlands and adaptable survivors
  • Half-Dwarves, a hybrid race with the height of their Human heritage and the heavy musculature of their Dwarven kin possessing a combination of adaptability and Wyrm Magic talent.
  • Half-Elves, a hybrid race possessing Human tenacity and Elven Psi ability.

Pentra exclusively uses 10-sided dice, available at any game store, providing a short barrier to entry for any new player to a Pentra-based setting.

The Story at The Eve of War

The Dales surrounding The Great Wyrm Lake have fallen into civil war as faction fights against faction in a futile attempt to dominate the land and the Draconic Wizard Rossygnul, an unfortunately forgotten threat amidst the din of the squabbling, has not let this opportunity go unnoticed.

Long thought lost, Rossygnul stands ready to take The Dales with his Regime of Rossygnul and its vast armies formed out of the ruins of what had been The Kingdom of Droth.

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