Creepy Assassin Games

Greg Schulze

We (Stone and Greg) are busy at Creepy Assassin working on games. Stone has nearly completed all the art for the ImagCards for our ImagCard Roleplaying Game, which is replacing our StoryCube: The Roleplaying Game. We are in the midsts of editing the rules for ImagCard currently, along with updates and new expanded rules for your ImagCard campaign.

I have almost finished editing the PENTRA Core rules of The Dales of The Great Wyrm Lake, along with updating the free/pay what you want BETA version of the rules. I have already picked out much of the art for the rules (thanks to the great artists on for the layout. We at Creepy Assassin plan on releasing the full core version of the rules this month. The core rules have everything the gamemaster and players need to play an entire campaign in The Dales from 1st level to 10th level.

The 1st level adventure, The Draconic Schism, has already been released, while the 2nd level adventure, The Cavern of Calamity, will be released in February 2018. The 3rd level adventure, The Gildwest Pass, will be released in March 2018, and the 4th level adventure, Souls of Black, in April 2018. After that expect a super-sized adventure spanning two levels in late spring.

We are working on exciting things at Creepy Assassin, so look for these updates when they come available. Happy gaming!