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A game of creativity and imagination, ImagCard was built on a system that allows you to maximize roleplaying and minimize time spent looking up clunky rules.

Players use the simple images on the ImagCards to guide their actions, create their world, and even develop the equipment and powers that their characters wield.

The ImagCards act as writing prompts, making it easy to guide your play while still putting all the control over the story in the player's hands and allowing your imagination to run free!

ImagCard utilizes only the cards, which can be used free online via the ImagCard Draw! App in addition to purchased in pre-printed sets, and standard six-sided dice to provide a minimal barrier for entry to any new player.

Any Setting, Any World, Any Adventure

What kind of stories can you tell with the ImagCard RPG? Any kind!

Looking for high fantasy with constant action and combat? You can do that!

Want to explore a cyberpunk wasteland of oppression under megacorps and the struggle of hackers to fight back for their freedom? You totally can!

Looking for a cold war spy adventure featuring stealth and covert ops? Completely an option!

Want to guide modern office workers through the pitfalls of corporate life? Hey, it's easily doable!

Literally, if you can imagine it you can use the ImagCard RPG ruleset to play it.

Creating Game Worlds with ImagCard

Creating entire worlds to play your games in with nothing but ImagCards and a little creativity is easy using only a few simple steps:
  • Draw 3-5x the number of ImagCards as there are players.
  • Choose up to 3 cards at a time and come up with a single fact, or "World Thing," about the world using those cards.
  • Remove the cards that you used to create a World Thing.
  • Continue making World Things until you run out of cards or can't come up with anything else with the remaining cards.
In no time at all you'll have a game world that's fleshed-out enough to start playing and plenty of room for future expansion!

Creating Situations with ImagCard

Creating Situations for characters to experience in ImagCard, whether entire missions or introductory adventure hooks, is done almost exactly the same way as creating Worlds except that the Situation Things you create are more specific to temporary or recent events compared to World Things.

Creating Characters with ImagCard

Character creation in ImagCard is quick and requires only a handful of steps to create a Core Thing, two Things, a Group Thing, any General Things that the Character might need, and a Paragraph describing the Character:

Core Thing:
  • Draw 5 cards from any of the sets available
  • Use 3 of these to create the Character's "Core Thing"
    • The Core Thing is something integral to the Character's personality or life, a fact about their history that shaped the rest of their lives
  • Draw 5 cards from any of the sets available
  • Use up to 3 of these to create the Character's first "Thing"
    • This is something that the Character has and can use regularly ranging from equipment to skills to education to powers
  • Discard and replace as many of the cards that you used for your first Thing as you want
  • Use the remaining cards from the first Thing to create a second Thing for the Character
Group Thing:
  • Draw 5 cards from any of the sets available
  • Use up to 3 of these cards to create the Character's "Group Thing"
    • This is the reason that the Character is with the group, why they are involved in the current adventure
General Things and Paragraph:
  • Fill in the blanks with any General Things - generic pieces of mundane equipment - that the Character would need to use their Core Thing or Things effectively
  • Write a brief Paragraph describing the Character's life until now and their goals going forward

Taking Actions in ImagCard

Taking Actions in ImagCard uses a fast-paced, simple method that allows players to come up with ways to use their Character's Things creatively without needing specific rules for how their equipment, skills, powers, and spells are meant to work.
  • Draw 5 cards from any of the sets available
  • Choose between 0 and 3 cards to describe what Action your Character is going to take, specifying any Things that they will use with the Action
  • Roll 1 6-sided dice for the Action, plus 1 additional 6-sided dice for each card you were able to use to describe your Action
  • Each dice that rolled a 5 or a 6 is considered a "Success" with the total number of Successes rolled determining how well the Character performed that Action