Creepy Assassin Games

Creepy Assassin was born out of the simple concept:

You don't need venture capital,
You don't need investors,
You don't need to be rich,
You don't even need to quit your dayjob
To run a successful company of creatives.

All you need is good ideas, mad skillz, and a whole ton of determination.

And that's the dream in a nutshell: completely independent punk rock game designers


Writer, designer, artist
A creative to the core, Stella has at best a dabbler's experience at almost everything else.

With interests ranging across our full product line from tabletop RPG's to mini wargames to family boardgames in all possible genres, Stella brings extreme diversity to the design team.

You can find Stella on Twitter at @StellaLovecharm and Instagram at @TheDamnDays.

Writer, tactical gamer, design artist
With thirty years of tabletop gaming under his belt and twenty of document print preparation, Greg provides the design team with a deep knowledge of game mechanics as well as solid graphic design skills.

A dedicated offliner, the only way to experience Greg is in the real world.